Research Method

To consistently ensure quality work for all clients, I adhere to "The Genealogical Proof Standard" (GPS) as defined in Genealogy Standards: 50th Anniversary Edition (2014). Created by the Board for Certification of Genealogists, it is the definitive guide detailing the conduct professional genealogy researchers use today.

Initial Consultation (FREE).

  • Please fill out and submit the Research Request Form. This will allow me to get a feel for the type of project you are requesting.
  • At this point it is important that I am informed of any previous research relative to your project, whether conducted by you or someone else. This way, I will not repeat the research.
  • Based on your request form, I will suggest a focused avenue of research that I believe best describes what you want to discover.


  • Once the type and cost of the research has been agreed upon, a contract will be issued describing all aspects of our agreement.

Research Begins (Adhering to the GPS).

  • I will conduct a "reasonably exhaustive" search of a wide variety of quality sources relevant to your research question, based on the amount of time allotted to me.

Citing Research Sources.

  • All sources I use during research will be cited fully and accurately, allowing you to duplicate my steps in locating these sources.

Analysis of Information.

  • All information I have gathered will be analyzed and any conflicting evidence will be resolved.

Final Report and Suggestions.

  • I will prepare a professional, well-written report of my findings you can be proud to share with family and friends. I will explain in detail how I reached my conclusions, and offer suggestions for further research that you, or other family members, may be interested in pursuing.

Research Services

free consultation

  • Submit a Research Request Form on the Get Started page. (For more information read "Research Method" to the left.)

Forensic Genealogy

  • Genealogical research, analysis and reporting in cases with legal implications--CAFG
  • Oil, gas and mineral rights projects
  • Probate / Estate projects
  • Kinship determination and heir searching

Family Genealogy

  • The majority of research falls into this category.
  • Includes research about ancestral relationships, identifying individuals and examining their lives in historical context, determining kinship, and the like.

Organization of Your Past Research

  • Sometimes we need a pair of fresh eyes to examine the work we have done in an impartial manner. Many answers to our genealogical questions are hidden in the work we have already completed.
  • I can review sources used in previous research, determine their quality, and make suggestions for further research; provide accurate source citations for records used in your research (suitable for publishing); create a GEDCOM file (Genealogical Data Communication) from your family tree that is usable in all popular genealogy programs; and more.

Lineage Society Applications

  • As a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, I offer discounted pricing to first time applicants to the SAR and DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), who are applying in Wisconsin or Minnesota.
  • Research pricing for current members of the SAR, DAR, and all other lineage societies is at a separate reduced rate.

Document Retrieval / Look-ups

  • I have access to records at various repositories throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin (see "Repositories I Frequently Visit" on my Qualifications page). For individual record retrieval, please contact me by email or telephone.